Sofia Vergara Without Makeup Doesn’t Look Like the Sofia We Always See

Sofia Vergara is defined by her sexy looks and an even sexier accent. She has made a career out of it. Most of the times, she is seen with full make up on. Whether it is on the Modern Family set or a red carpet appearance, it is difficult seeing Sofia Vergara without makeup or minimal makeup. Considering how she looks with full make up on, it is sometimes difficult to imagine she is already in her mid-40’s.

This is a rare glimpse of Sofia Vergara without makeup. She even posted the image herself while in bed.

This is how Sofia looks like on a casual day while getting a cup of coffee. She looks like a totally different person.

This is an abomination. Sofia Vergara shouldn’t look like this. Of course, celebrities just couldn’t be celebrities all the time.

Not only did Sofia not wear any makeup on the other photo, she also looked fat. It is hard to imagine she has gone through that stage.

Sofia in her casual outfit with her husband Joe, is perhaps the hottest image you can ever find. They really look great together.

Even in a very unusual sitting position, Sofia looks amazing. She normally doesn’t sport this hairstyle, but it still looked great on her.

Sofia wears heavy makeup most of the times. She has made jokes about it quite a few times in Modern Family. It might be a joke about her character in the sitcom, but it seems like her in real life.

She was not wearing too much makeup in this black and white photo, but she still looked great. Her smile is just infectious.

When she is super glammed up, it is quite difficult to wrap your head around the idea that she is already over 40 years old.

Even with a very simple makeup and just straight hair, Sofia looks amazing. There is no wonder why she has huge male following.