Are you in? If yes, I bet you have your twitter account! Sharing your thoughts and views has been made easy because of this medium. Keeping your twitter timeline alive and updated is really a matter when you want to be in line. Every twitter peep wants to have a lot of favorites and retweets […]

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Sofia Vergara is defined by her sexy looks and an even sexier accent. She has made a career out of it. Most of the times, she is seen with full make up on. Whether it is on the Modern Family set or a red carpet appearance, it is difficult seeing Sofia Vergara without makeup or […]

Sofia Vergara Without Makeup Doesn’t Look Like the Sofia We Always See

As a social media baron, Sean Parker is worth billions of dollars. Hence, during Sean Parker’s wedding, he has decided to turn his fantasy into a reality. He married Alexandra Lenas in a forest under the largest redwood. Everything about the wedding was unique and the photos were just jaw dropping. Only someone as rich […]

Sean Parker’s Wedding is Something Only a Billionaire Like Him Can Afford